Community Health Care


THHT supports a local hospital near Cap-Haitien called Hospital HCBH, a facility registered by Haiti’s Ministry of Health that has been providing life saving primary healthcare since 2007.

Serving the Northern Department of Haiti which has a population of over 1 million people, community health care is central to HCBHs work. HCBH provides a range of community services including a 24/7 Ambulance Service (with one of its two ambulances donated by THHT), a Community Health Centre (with laboratory, pharmacy, triage area, consultation rooms etc.), Mobile Health Clinics in the most marginalized areas, North Haiti’s largest cholera treatment center (currently operated by the Haiti Ministry of Health), and lots more!

THHT is financially supporting HCBH’s community health care efforts, investing in its full time Haitian staff, on-going operational costs, the hospitals’ feeding program for vulnerable patients, and on-going infrastructural improvements (like the procurement of hospital equipment).