Adult Rehabilitation


Established after the Haiti earthquake, becoming one of Haiti’s first spinal cord injury units, THHT supports a unique rehabilitation center which has become a referral center for the whole country. Providing inpatient care for up to 20 spinal cord injury and stroke patients, as well as daily out patient care for adults and children with disabilities, the center has become central in the development of rehabilitation in Haiti.

Across the developing world, 98% of people with disabilities don’t receive the rehabilitation care they require, making them one of the most vulnerable and un-supported people groups globally. That’s what makes this work so critical.

THHT is proud to support this project, which seeks to empower adults and children with disabilities and create a more inclusive society. Patients benefit from a holistic approach to rehabilitation, receiving physical therapy and medical support, as well as vocational and recreational opportunities like sewing classes, IT lessons, table tennis, darts and handcycling. An inclusive sports facility (funded by the UN) connected to the Rehabilitation Unit, adds to this vision, offering many sports including wheelchair tennis and basketball.

This facility is registered with the Haitian Ministry of Health as part of Hospital HCBH, and is supported through ongoing support by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and others. We’re excited by the future potential of this project, and would welcome financial and/or skill-based assistance from THHT supporters.