The Grace Fund

‘The Grace Fund’ has been established in memory of Grace, a dear child whose life and story captivated us, and whose light of hope shone brightly in Haiti until her passing in 2012.

Abandoned at the government hospital, Grace’s life had a rough start. Thought to have only a few days to live, Grace was released to the staff of Maison de Benediction. For the next 3 years until her passing, Grace lived out her name, her smiles and presence communicating “God’s unmerited favor” to so many.

All donations made to The Grace Fund go directly to cover the costs of HCBH’s very poorest patients, who cannot afford health care. Part of the hospital’s vision is to be sustainable, and Haitian led , where local individuals and communities can invest financially in their care. However, some families in this desperately poor nation simply have nothing to pay, and our gifts to The Grace Fund enable the hospital to continue to give life-saving grace to all.

The Grace Fund provides, as needed, medication, lab-tests, hospitalization and consultations. It’s an urgently needed fund which gives HCBH the privilege of showing God’s unmerited favor to the poorest of the poor, and in turn, all who benefit from HCBH’s presence in the community.