Return to Haiti

I am always excited to step off the plane in Haiti. The sights, smells & sound – nothing can compare to the experience.  This trip has already been an amazing time of meeting new friends & visiting with old friends, and it’s been particularly good to see the change & progress that have happened since my last trip.

Rhoda met us at the airport & has been with us every step of the way. She is a fantastic Volunteer Coordinator & has made things at the Volunteer Village very comfortable for us and our team of 12 that was here for a week! They were made to feel welcome & like family. Rhoda dealt with anything that came up; swiftly & efficiently.

My wife Melissa, daughter Emilee & I arrived a few days before our team. We have been able to help with organizing some supplies for the new ER &  also helped to prepare a room for the x-ray equipment and lab which will provide much needed services to the north of Haiti. We’ve also watched the old roof at the Maison come down & are now watching the new roof going up. It will be great to see it finished, and I can’t wait for the children and workers to return to this greatly improved & safe structure.





Our most recent team was here to provide medical clinics for local churches, but it’s also important that the teams we bring are able to hear the history and story of the hospital. Grace, HHA’s Program Manager, is always so kind to do that & we appreciate her love of what she does & her willingness to share the story. Our team was able to tour the hospital & see all the progress that is going on. Some of them have been before & some are new to Haiti. It’s great to see all the different reactions and to watch those returning to see the changes.

The hospital clinic has been very busy every day we have been here. It’s nice to see the new updated clinic operating & the shaded area where so many people are able to wait. Some of the increase in numbers is due to the government hospital strike (you can read more here). I am very thankful that HCBH is here & capable of handling all these added cases. The maternity & pediatric wards were hustling & busy. The NICU was full of 12 babies thriving & growing.

This morning when I arrived they were having a service in the chapel tent with lots of singing & praying. There are plans for a new chapel as the old one is nearing a point where it can’t be used any longer. THHT has committed to help find funding to finish the project. If you’d like to know more about how you can help, follow this link for more information.

I am always reminded how hard people are willing to work for a common purpose. The partnership between THHT, HHA, & HCBH continues to move progress forward and to provide medical care to the people of Haiti. I am very thankful to everyone who has helped make this possible, and can’t wait to see the various projects on my next visit to Haiti.

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