Hurricane Matthew

There has been much talk today regarding the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the island of Haiti. We have heard first hand reports from those who have been directly effected, and there will be more rain and devastation in the coming hours. We are asking all of our supporters to join us in prayer for our friends and partners in Haiti, as well as the countless number of people who have lost homes, supplies and unfortunately, loved ones during this event.

We did receive some encouraging news today from Rhoda, the Volunteer Coordinator at HHA. Here’s what she emailed to us earlier today:

“I wanted to share with you these smiling faces I just saw at the MdB. Thanks to THHT and the completion of the new roof the MdB is a safe place for these children to be during Hurricane Matthew. I do not even want to think what it would be like for those children who have mobility issues and live in Shada under the bridge in town. What a reminder this week is of how the Maison is a place of safety and help for these families. Please pass on our thanks once more to those who donated for the MdB roof to be redone.”

We are extremely grateful to all of you who financially helped us repair the roof, and as we now can see, this home has provided not only a respite care center for these beautiful children, but a safe haven from the damaging winds and rains of Hurricane Matthew. Please know that your help and support has given all of us encouragement and hope.

We will continue to keep an eye on the weather over the next few days. For additional updates, please visit our friends at Hope Health Action who are giving live updates. You can also find specific prayer requests here.

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