THHT provides lifesaving neonatal equipment

Thanks to the generous donations of our loyal supporters we have recently been able to make a donation of $13,000 towards some urgently needed neonatal equipment, for the hospital we support in Haiti.  

DrT2The neonatal unit was originally only designed for 8-10 babies, but now regularly sees many more, sometimes 16+!  Unfortunately, whilst dealing with these numbers, 5 of the units 7 incubators became faulty, meaning the hospital staff couldn’t appropriately warm babies – a critical need for premature babies.

In partnership with UK NGO Haiti Hospital Appeal, we were able to step in and help purchase 5 new specialist neonatal baby warmers, in order to get the incubators back in use.  They have already arrived in Haiti and are now providing life saving care (see photo of Medical Director Dr Toussaint extremely happy with the new purchase!).  In the coming years they’ll help assist hundreds of premature babies.  Thanks for making this possible!  Without your support, the unit in Haiti really would have faced a desperate situation.

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