Chapel Appeal


THHT’s partner hospital (HCBH) in Haiti needs a new chapel. 

Hospital HCBH is a Christian facility that seeks to ensure that all patients and family have the opportunity to receive pastoral support while also receiving physical care. In Haiti, illness and disability are often viewed from a spiritual perspective, with families potentially believing that their illness is a result of a curse or punishment. The chaplaincy team at HCBH seek to ensure that patients and their families receive a loving and Christian based theology of healing, grace and God’s love. This happens through a range of activities, including ward visits, daily prayer meetings, daily Bible studies, one-on-one mentoring (particularly for persons with disability in the hospital’s rehabilitation unit), discipleship, and Sunday services for the Rehabilitation Unit. Through this work, the chaplaincy team has seen God do some great work in the hospital and individuals, with people being physically, emotionally and spiritually healed.

Since 2011 the chaplaincy team has been meeting in an old, disused UNICEF tent. This temporary chapel accommodation is completely unsuitable (particularly for wheelchair users), has no floor and a torn roof which often lets rainwater in. A church in England has subsequently raised $25,000 to lay the foundations of a new, permanent chapel, which we hope will be a focal point for the whole hospital. This development will allow the chaplaincy work to flourish, providing confidential areas for sensitive pastoral care, larger space for services and meetings (room for 100+ patients), and room for other activities. We are now actively looking for other churches and groups who may wish to contribute to the remaining funds required to complete this new hospital chapel!  THHT is therefore launching our 2016 Chapel Appeal, as we seek to raise an additional $32,000 to complete this important chapel project.


Here are a few photos of the design and location of the new chapel. These designs are still in development and may change:

Chapel_Outside Chapel_Inside Chapel_Plan Chapel_location

$32,000 would ensure the chaplaincy team can effectively provide love and support to around 15,000 patients per year at the hospital. We are therefore calling our loyal friends and supporters to join with us as we seek to carry out this important work.  Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a one-time donation.  Could you make a one-time donation to this important appeal?
  • Help fundraise!  Could you run a bake sale at your school, host a summer project, or hold a collection at your church?  These are just a few fun ways you could help.
  • Spread the word.  While THHT is incredibly blessed by the generosity of our donors, we still have a fairly small network.  Could you help champion this appeal by spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail etc?

There are two easy and convenient ways to give!

To send a check or direct donation:

The Haiti Health Trust
PO Box 4484
Bethlehem, PA 18018

OR use our easy online giving!