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Different Gifts But The Same Spirit

A team from Lehigh Valley Health Network recently returned from a week long visit to HCBH. The teams focus was labor and delivery and mother and baby care. Here are some highlights from the team's visit to HCBH: Melissa discussed the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. This can be a difficult topic to teach because of the limited resources the women have. They may not be able to stay hydrated or eat balanced meals as we suggest. She also discussed signs and symptoms of labor and preeclampsia. Mary Kelly did a phenomenal session on breastfeeding and the recommendation of continuing for 2 years. Many of the Haitian women balked at this ...


TOGETHER, we’re befriending and educating dedicated Haitian staff to continually improve the medical capabilities in the region. THANK YOU!

Haiti Reflections and Looking Forward

The resilience of the staff at this hospital amazes me, they don’t give up, they keep working, they are steadfast, they put their trust in God’s plan.

2016: A Year of Hope

It would be an understatement to say that 2016 has been a year of challenges for Haiti. Delayed presidential elections, a government hospital strike, Hurricane Matthew and recent flooding in Cap Haitien brought hardships beyond imagination. Despite these challenges, HCBH remained a beacon of hope and light for thousands not only providing life saving care but expanding vital services to serve the most vulnerable. In 2016, our work in Haiti impacted many lives! During this holiday season, we are grateful for your partnership! Some highlights from the past year: +   1,122 babies were safely ...

Flooding in Northern Haiti

With heavy hearts we are hearing more news and reports about the devastating flooding in Northern Haiti. Cap Haitien is the largest city in this affected areas and also where HCBH, the hospital we support, is located. Currently, there is a team of 3 nurses from Lehigh Valley Health Network on the ground in Haiti. We received news that they are safe. The staff at the hospital persevere to provide care to patients. At least 10 lives have been lost since Saturday. Reports from news sources stated "Homes have been invaded by mud and waster. Accumulation of silt torn from the surrounding hills especially on national roads making movement of vehicles ...