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We'd like to express our deep thanks to everyone who contributed to our Christmas MdB Roof Appeal!  We're delighted to announce that we managed to raise more than the $20,000US target to complete this work. (more…)

Sadness and Hope

[author's note: please excuse the delay in this blog post as we had a technical difficulty which prevented the timeliness of this posting] Today marks 6 years since Haiti's devastating earthquake that captured the worlds attention and changed a nation incomprehensibly.  When asked this morning about how people feel, the head of our partner hospital said 'people will reflect, some with sadness, some with hope'.  These are two abundantly strong characteristics in Haiti (sadness and hope) which we witness every day, not just as a legacy of January 12th 2010, but as a legacy of the daily struggles and triumphs of life in this beautiful but desperate ...